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Mystic Market Explores Ancient Healing Through Sound

Sound Healing at Mystic Market

Mystic Market, a metaphysical and spiritual wellness brand, announces their launch of their

vibroacoustic therapy services for healing and stress management. Vibroacoustic therapy uses

low frequency sound vibrations to create a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

According to Laurie, founder of Mystic Market, “Sound is one of the oldest and most natural

forms of healing. Vibroacoustic therapy allows people to tap into the power of sound vibrations

to shift brainwave states, release emotional blocks, and restore the body's natural equilibrium.”

During a vibroacoustic therapy session, the clients lie on a lounge table equipped with transducers that emit binaural beats and low-frequency tones. The gentle vibrations are felt throughout the body, creating a deeply relaxing meditative state.

The therapy is non-invasive, and the effects are cumulative over multiple sessions. Benefits may include decreased anxiety and stress, improved sleep, release of emotional trauma, and an overall enhanced sense of health and wellbeing.

Vibroacoustic therapy has been used for decades to benefit people with conditions like anxiety,

PTSD, insomnia, and chronic pain. Mystic Market is making this innovative approach to sound

healing and stress relief more accessible to clients in the Milford, NH, and surrounding areas. In

addition to vibroacoustic therapy, Mystic Market offers intuitive energy healing, wellness

coaching, and a variety of metaphysical tools and events.

Mystic Market is dedicated to providing holistic healing and spiritual growth services in a way

that is grounded, accessible, and judgment-free. We believe that by tapping into our body’s

innate wisdom and raising our collective vibration, we can create positive change in ourselves

and the world around us.

To learn more read this first...HERE

Mystic Market is located at 188 Elm Street in Milford, NH and sessions are available by appointment only at the studio.

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