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Welcome To Mystic Market

Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul with Us

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Quick Look Store Hours & Events:  Please note ALL events require pre-registration. 

Sunday, July 21 CLOSED

Monday, July 22  Guided Morning Meditation 9AM -10AM

Tuesday, July 23 Store Open 12PM - 3PM  -- Taking appointments as well.

Wednesday, July 24 Store Open 1PM - 5PM -- Taking appointments as well.

Thursday, July 25 - Taking appointments.

Thursday, July 25 Calm and Com-Posed Yoga 6:30PM - MUST pre-register please be 5 minutes early to settle in.

Friday , July 26 Guided Morning Meditation 9AM -10AM


Raven is frequently shown as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and strength, representing significant transformation or change as well as the ability to adapt and survive harsh and changing times.

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Mystic Market, a one-woman powerhouse in Milford, NH, is your go-to for wellness coaching, metaphysical tools, reiki, meditation, and vibroacoustic therapy. Founded in November of 2023, we've quickly become a beacon for those seeking alternative relaxation methods. We're not just a business, we're a place of healing and learning, welcoming all with open arms. Come join us for a session or a small group celebration, and experience the power of healing with Mystic Market.

Metaphysical, arts and healing studio in Milford, NH. Welcome To Mystic Market! 

Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul with Us. Unlock the mysteries of the unknown and explore the power of healing at Mystic Market. Woman-owned and operated, we offer a range of metaphysical and healing services to help you find the answers you seek. Step into our world and discover a new way to care for yourself.


Services are by appointment only.  


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Discover the magick of Mystic Market NH, where we bring together a community of like-minded individuals seeking to explore the mysteries of metaphysical practices. Our services include Reiki, crystal bowl healing, and more.

Join us on the path towards spiritual growth and fulfillment.

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