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Green jasper is a rare crystal that has been valued in ancient and medieval times. It is said to have many positive meanings, including:

  • Growth

    Green jasper is said to symbolize nurturing, budding, and blooming. Lighter green crystals are said to promote spiritual growth, while darker green crystals are said to represent physical growth and strength.

  • Protection

    Some ancestors used green jasper for protection from venomous creatures, and as a protective stone for children.

  • Healing

    Green jasper is said to connect to physical and mental healing energy, and can help relieve anxiety and cluttered thoughts during meditation. It is also said to boost the immune system, and help reduce toxicity and inflammation.

  • Balance

    Green jasper is said to be a stone of balance that can help heal and release disease and obsession. 


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Green Jasper Necklace

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