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This lovely, well curated kit will aid you in connecting to Fire Elemental. 


Includes bath ritual and all the items you need to perform and enjoy it! 


This kit contains:

1 - Red Chime Candle & Holder
1 - Hand-poured Intention Candle: My Happy Place - Sun energy, healing, strength, love, marriage, stability, consecration, legal matters, dreamwork, and spiritual growth.
1 - Box Incense Cones - Dragon's Blood
1 - Dragon's Blood Resin Bag
1 - Crystal
1 - Ritual Fire Bath Salts with Bag
1 - Animal Themed Matchbox
1 - Dragon's Blood Smoke Bundle
1 - Crystal Vial Necklace 
1 - Sheet with Easy to Follow Ritual

Each box has been smoked cleansed with Dragon's Blood & Sage and blessed by me.


If you are in the Broom Closet, it doesn't matter! All of these items are contained within discreet packaging.


No one will ever know what you purchased! :)


Box Size: 8X5X2 


Use caution when burning anything in this box and do not leave them unattended while burning. As always, keep children and pets away from open flames.


The herbs within this box and bath pouch are meant for external use only. Do not consume.  Mystic Market is not responsible for misuse of these herbs or incense. 



(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Legally I am required to say that magick does not guarantee results. ♥

Ignite The Flame

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