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Into The Shadow We Go

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  • 30Steps
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The shadow self is the part of the psyche that houses the aspects of ourselves that we don't want to admit to or don't want to face. It's the part of us that's full of shame, anger, hurt, and resentment. It's the part of us that's been hurt by others and that wants to lash out in return. It's the part of us that feels worthless and unlovable. The shadow self is the part of us that we're most afraid to face because it contains all of our flaws, weaknesses, and secrets. Shadow work is the process of bringing the shadow self into the light. It's about facing our fears and our shame. It's about recognizing our anger and our hurt. It's about admitting our weaknesses and our flaws. It's about accepting all of ourselves, both the light and the dark. Shadow work can be difficult and uncomfortable, but it's also essential for our growth and our healing. It's only through facing our shadows that we can hope to understand ourselves fully and to become our best selves. Please note:

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